Arjundhara Municipality Health Branch Chief Basnet after his wife found him in an objectionable situation with a woman.

Jhapa’s Arjundhara Municipality Health Branch Chief Mukund Basnet was found in an objectionable condition with Parastri.


Mukund Basnet, who was seen in a viral video on social media, is seen being beaten for a while after his wife met him in the forest with a woman.


Basnet, the head of the health department and his wife, as well as the woman standing with her face hidden in a place that looks like a deserted forest, do not look normal.


Looking at the condition of the scooter falling on the road and breaking it, it can be guessed that the incident has taken a big shape.


In the released video, one can clearly see Basnet being held by the neck by a woman and thrown on the floor.


From the language used by the woman, it can be assumed that the woman is the wife of the head of the branch, Basnet.


Currently, it is heard that political pressure has increased to cover up this incident. Also, posts have started coming on social media demanding action regarding the video.


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