Best Mobile Phones Under NPR 15000 in Nepal

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In a rapidly evolving tech market, finding a budget-friendly mobile phone that doesn’t compromise on performance is a top priority for many consumers. With numerous options available, it’s crucial to make an informed decision. Here, we present a curated list of the best mobile phones under NPR 15000 in Nepal, highlighting their key features and specifications.

Mobile Phones Under NPR 15000

Vivo Y02

  • Price in Nepal: NPR 12,999 (3/32GB)
  • Additional Info: The Vivo Y02 offers a seamless user experience with its 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Its long-lasting battery and impressive camera capabilities make it a solid choice in this price range.

Benco V90

    • Price in Nepal: NPR 13,999 (4/64GB)
    • Additional Info: The Benco V90 packs a punch with its 4GB RAM and ample 64GB internal storage. With a focus on performance and storage, this phone is an excellent value for its price.Tecno Spark 8C
      • Price in Nepal: NPR 14,990 (3/64GB)
      • Additional Info: The Tecno Spark 8C offers a balanced combination of 3GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Its sleek design and vibrant display enhance the overall user experience.

Redmi A1 and Redmi A1+

    • Redmi A1 Price in Nepal: NPR 11,999 (2/32GB)
    • Redmi A1+ Price in Nepal: NPR 12,499 (2/32GB) | NPR 13,999 (3/32GB)
    • Additional Info: The Redmi A1 series provides options for varying storage capacities, catering to different user preferences. With Xiaomi’s reputation for reliability, these phones offer excellent value for money.

Realme C30 and Realme C30s

    • Realme C30 Price in Nepal: NPR 14,499 (3/32GB) | NPR 15,999* (4/64GB)
    • Realme C30s Price in Nepal: NPR 13,499 (2/32GB) | NPR 15,999* (4/64GB)
    • Additional Info: Realme’s C series stands out for its powerful performance and impressive battery life. The choice between the C30 and C30s allows users to pick the storage variant that suits them best.

Realme Narzo 50i Prime

    • Price in Nepal: NPR 14,499 (3/32GB) | NPR 15,999* (4/64GB)
    • Additional Info: The Realme Narzo 50i Prime offers a seamless experience with its 3GB RAM and multiple storage options. Its elegant design and feature-rich interface make it a strong contender.

Micromax In Note 1

    • Price in Nepal: NPR 15,999* (4/64GB)
    • Additional Info: The Micromax In Note 1 stands out for its generous storage and RAM capacity. Its powerful processor and crisp display make it a reliable choice for users seeking performance.

Redmi 10A

    • Price in Nepal: NPR 13,999 (3/32GB) | NPR 15,999* (3/64GB)
    • Additional Info: The Redmi 10A offers options for both 32GB and 64GB storage capacities. Its feature-rich MIUI and dependable performance make it a strong contender in this price range.

Samsung Galaxy A04 and Galaxy A04e

    • Galaxy A04 Price in Nepal: NPR 14,999 (3/32GB)
    • Galaxy A04e Price in Nepal: NPR 13,499 (3/32GB)
    • Additional Info: Samsung’s Galaxy A04 series offers reliable performance and a user-friendly interface. With options for different storage capacities, users can find the right fit for their needs.

Redmi 12C

    • Price in Nepal: NPR 13,499 (3/32GB) | NPR 13,999 (4/64GB)
    • Additional Info: The Redmi 12C combines an affordable price with competitive specifications. Its 3GB/4GB RAM options and multiple storage variants cater to diverse user requirements.


These mobile phones under NPR 15000 in Nepal offer a range of options to suit various preferences. From performance-driven models to those focused on storage, this list provides a comprehensive guide for budget-conscious consumers. Prioritize your needs and preferences to find the perfect phone that matches your requirements.


Name RAM Storage Price
Vivo Y02 3GB 32GB NPR 12,999
Benco V90 4GB 64GB NPR 13,999
Tecno Spark 8C 3GB 64GB NPR 14,990
Redmi A1 2GB 32GB NPR 11,999
Redmi A1+ 2GB/3GB 32GB NPR 12,499/13,999
Realme C30 3GB/4GB 32GB/64GB NPR 14,499/15,999*
Realme C30s 2GB/4GB 32GB/64GB NPR 13,499/15,999*
Realme Narzo 50i Prime 3GB/4GB 32GB/64GB NPR 14,499/15,999*
Micromax In Note 1 4GB 64GB NPR 15,999*
Redmi 10A 3GB 32GB/64GB NPR 13,999/15,999*
Samsung Galaxy A04 3GB 32GB NPR 14,999
Samsung Galaxy A04e 3GB 32GB NPR 13,499
Redmi 12C 3GB/4GB 32GB/64GB NPR 13,499/13,999

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