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Every person dreams while sleeping at night. The dream indicates many events or things that will happen in life. Some people’s dreams come true. It turns out to be the exact opposite of the dream that some have seen.

A dream also indicates the death of a person in advance. According to many people, strange dreams appear before the death of some close, relatives and loved ones.

A few days after dreaming of many people gathering, someone lying on the ground, the news of the death of a loved one arrives. Dreams of death, death and separation are the most tragic aspects. Remember that these 11 dreams appear before the death of a person.


1. black color


The color black means not knowing, unconscious, danger, mystery, darkness, death, grief, contempt, hatred or malice. This color is encouraging you to look into your unconscious, black is pushing you to understand yourself.


It also indicates a lack of love, and informs that there is a lack of helpers. It also signifies cleanliness and emptiness. It also means that you have some hidden potential and some opportunities are yet to come.


2. the snake


The snake is a difficult sign to interpret. Different cultures have different ideas about snakes. From a sign of fear, the meaning of knowledge and peace is also taken with the snake.


How are you feeling after reading this ?