Dipendra’s father says that his son’s record has made the whole country happy

On Wednesday, Nepal’s star cricketer Dipendra Singh Airi was in the limelight in the world cricket world. Dipendra became the talk of the town after scoring a nine-ball fifty in the match against Mongolia in China as part of the 19th Asian Games. His name made headlines in the international media.


He broke the record of half-centuries in 12 balls previously held by players including Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh in T-20 and scored a new half-century in nine balls. His father, Gagansinh Airi, said that he is a resident of Bhimdatta Municipality-8 Tilachaur in Kanchanpur and has been hardworking and excellent in the field of sports since his childhood. Not only Airi’s family but also the village is happy with the record made by his son on Wednesday.


Gagansingh, happy with his son’s success, said, “Since the TV at home had run out of charge, I went to Sukasal Chauraha to recharge.”


He studied in a private school in the village up to SLC, his father Airi remembered that even then he won games and won prizes. “Among the four sons, Dipendra is the youngest”, he said, “We are very happy that the son named the country.”


At the school level, Dipendra, who was very active in sports in the village, was admitted to Sunrise Boarding School in Mahendranagar for proficiency certificate level studies. He used to walk five kilometers to reach the market for cricket training.


He used to go to Mahendranagar for cricket training saying he would get healthy, he said, due to his passion and hard work, today he is on his way to success. Dipendra’s success has now been congratulated by the locals when he meets him. He said that even though he wanted Dipendra to get a good education and get a government job, the family is very happy with his current success.


Gagansingh, who spent nearly 40 years as a technical buyer in the forest office, migrated from Baitadi to Tilachauur in 2036 with his family. The well-known names of Nepali cricket Pradeep Airi and Kamalsingh Airi also belong to Dipendra’s family. “I used to remind my son that he should never fall into discipline and wrong addiction”, he said, “He has matured with time and has now reached the level of bringing the country’s name into the limelight in the world.”


Father Gagansingh was once a karate and volleyball player, while Dipendra’s two brothers also played cricket. “Daughter Rajmati is also employed in the armed police force and plays cricket in the APF club,” he said. The government should pay attention to the development of cricket.


Vinod Bhandari and Bhim Sarki also belong to Mahendranagar, along with Dipendra, who are in the Nepali cricket team, who are in the news after Nepal’s performance in the Asian Games. Birendra Shahi, a volunteer coach who trained Dipendra in Mahendranagar, says that Dipendra came to cricket after coming to Sunrise High School.He was very hardworking and considered cricket as his life’, he said, ‘Dipendra is moving towards the pinnacle of success today because of his passion for cricket.


“When I was the president of Pabson, I used to study in Dipendra Sukasal’s school”, said Deepakraj Chalise, the former president of Nepal Cricket Association Sudurpaschim Province and the owner of Sunrise Boarding School in Mahendranagar, “I suggested Dipendra to join cricket after seeing Pabson’s game. Influenced by the playing style and hard work at the school level, the initiative has been taken to bring it to cricket.


“After joining us, he started participating in international level cricket tournaments from 2014”, Unal added, “Since then, Dipendra’s emphasis was more on sports than on studies.” – Rasas


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