Shortly after the news of the death of her lover in Kanchanpur, the girlfriend committed suicide

Dhangadhi. A teenage girl was found dead in her room in Kanchanpur on Friday. According to the Kanchanpur police, 18-year-old Hema Khadka, who lived in Bhimdatta Municipality-4 as a permanent home in Dhami Toll, Dodhara Chandni Municipality-8, was found dead. At a young age, she chose her death because of love.




According to the police, shortly before the body was found, she posted a picture with a young man on social networking site Facebook and wrote ‘Roker basnu hai ma panhi arandu’. From this, the incident of death has exposed the blindness of love. That incident has confirmed how blind love is. The incident took place after the death of 18-year-old teenager Khagendra Jagri, who was admitted to the hospital after consuming pesticides (Sulfas) on Thursday (today).




According to the police, yesterday (Friday) morning Jagri died during treatment at Mahakali Hospital. Jagri, whose permanent home is Vedkot Municipality of the district, is said to have consumed pesticides 2 days before his death.


After Jagri’s death, Hema committed suicide. In other words, the boyfriend (Khagendra) and girlfriend (Hema) died on the same day in Bhimdatta Municipality.




Hema was found hanging dead in her room in Bhimdatta Municipality-4, according to a police officer of Chhazilla Police Office Kanchanpur.




After getting the news of her lover Jagri’s death, Hema posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend on social networking site Facebook and wrote ‘Roker basnu hai ma panhi aarandu’. From the police investigation, it has been revealed that they were attracted through social media and that they were studying in different schools, but they were studying in Mahendranagar. The police said that they are investigating the incident further.




Recently, such incidents seem to be increasing in the Far West. According to the statistics of the police,


there is an increase in the number of people who fall into blind love through social media and sometimes cheat and sometimes die in the name of love. According to a police officer,


this Kanchanpur incident also happened because of love. However, if there was a family or a single person with the teenager living alone, this incident would not have happened. Lately, teenagers who live apart from their families due to abuse of mobile phones are becoming victims of depression and suicide.


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