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. is a need of all living beings. S has a lot of importance in human life and it has a lot of influence on married life. In Nepali society, sexual intercourse is legalized only after marriage.


However, in recent times, even before marriage, people take love and sex together. However, very misleading things have been spread in Nepali society about sex. While sex education is still being taught in our schools, many female students do not come to school. Some facts, truths and misconceptions are presented here.


How long does extreme happiness last?


Time is very important during sex. Many men feel inferior when they have intercourse for a very short time and ejaculate in a short time. And his partner complains, I don’t like it.


Such complaints are often received in sex-related programs held in various media. Because of this, they worry about whether they can satisfy their partner. However, according to a survey, the sex time of most people remains almost the same. In other words, most couples last for 12 minutes in sex.


Only 12 minutes


The results of the survey showed that most of the couples had sx for only 12 minutes. 12 minutes seems like a very short time. However, in the study report, it is not mentioned whether it is only the time of penetration or the time with foreplay.


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