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No matter how much we praise ourselves, no matter how many adjectives we add to our names, no matter how comfortable we live, no matter how much we achieve in life, we will always be followed by the stench of a disgusting truth, that is, we are citizens of one of the poorest countries in the world.



How did we become poor, what could be the cause of our poverty, are we poor only physically?


From the point of view of natural resources, our ancestors have given us more resources than we can handle. Our Terai can produce enough food to feed all of us and export it to Bangladesh, but we lack agricultural knowledge and are poor.


The rivers in our mountains, lighting up the whole country, cooking and feeding everyone, bringing transportation to every house, running modern machines in every house, we are not capable of earning foreign money from India, but we do not have the ability to generate electricity, that is why we are poor. Our mountains can give us a lot of foreign tourists, but we don’t have the knowledge of tourism business, we don’t have the skills to attract foreign tourists, that’s why we are poor. The land that is always windy and tormented by sea storms was recognized by the Japanese as an exemplary country. We always try to escape by blaming the country’s greed.


In reality, what makes us poor is our own non-progressive social structure, our own misconceptions, our own bad culture, our own laziness, our own degenerate ideology. Our physical poverty is only a reflection of our spiritual poverty. We are so poor that we don’t recognize the precious gem that our forefathers earned and consider it like a stone.


A vivid example of this is “Dasha”. Suffering is a close relation for us, the poor citizens of a poor country, Nepal, where 2500 years ago, a great son of this earth showed the world a path without suffering. The sayings of the great Buddha are still preserved today. Eme Dukkh Nirodha Gamini Patipada. This is the way to root out suffering. Sabbat Sambaro Bhikkhu Sabb Dukkh Pamuchchati.


Dukkhe Yanan, Suffering Samudaya Janan, Dukkh Nirodhe Janan, Dukkh Nirodha Gamimini Patipday Naan. Suffering Yanan, Dukkh Samudaya Janan, Dukkh Roodeh Janan, Dukkh Nirodha Gamini Patipadai Naan. To know what is suffering, to know the origin of suffering, to know without suffering, and to know the way to get rid of suffering. Siddhartha Gotama saw the suffering of life and went to find the way to get rid of it.


After six years of searching, he announced that he had discovered the path to the destruction of suffering, and he taught to walk on that path. Today, those who pretend to be scholars like to respond without knowledge of the subject, but in the motherland of the Buddha, there are very few people who know about his teachings.


How are you feeling after reading this ?