Tiktok is shutting down, right or wrong.

The popular social network Tiktok is now going to be shut down in Hong Kong. According to the BBC, Tiktok is about to leave Hong Kong after the implementation of the national security law made by China for Hong Kong. Due to the recent incident, we are going to stop the operation of the Tiktok service in Hong Kong, said the spokesperson of Tiktok. The news agency Reuters has also reported that the Tiktok service is going to be closed in a few days. The popular Tiktok app for short videos has been launched by China’s Bytedance. Targeting global customers outside of China, this app became famous within a short time of its release.


In China, he has been operating a similar doin app. Currently, TikTok is about to be shut down in Hong Kong due to data privacy concerns. The US is also preparing to shut down Tiktok. US


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that apart from Tiktok, other Chinese apps are also being shut down in the US. Earlier, India has blocked 59 Chinese apps including Tiktok.


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