To go to Australia, the marriage between brother and sister was arranged in the temple

The police have released the two accused who were arrested for murdering four members of the same family in Mugu.


Two relatives have been arrested on charges of murdering 28-year-old Sridevi Bohra, 11-year-old Manoj, 7-year-old Apsara and 5-year-old Rahar of Chayannath Rara Municipality Ward No. 6 Mundu.


Gorkharaj Shahi, 31-year-old Kale, of Chayannath Rara Municipality Ward No. 7, Pina, and Gopal Bahadur Bohora, 31-year-old from Mundu, were arrested by the police and released to the public on Friday. Gopal is Sridevi’s maternal uncle’s son.


Sridevi’s husband Deepak was queuing for employment. Gopal also stayed in Qatar for two years and came back saying that he was not earning well. Deepak went to Qatar last November.


Gopal asked Deepak to send the visa. DIG Bhim Prasad Dhakal said that it was seen from the investigation that Gopal got angry after Deepak denied the matter. The police said that they planned to kill the family due to the same recipe. They also planned to rob the house.


Gopal also called Gorkharaj Shahi from Banke to kill Deepak, who was earning well, on the assumption that there might be cash and gold in his house. They planned to kill in May. At that time Sridevi had 10-12 tolas, so he thought of robbing them.


But as Sridevi was pregnant at that time, she returned without killing, according to the police involved in the investigation. Again they met in October and planned to kill in October.


According to the plan, Gorkha Bahadur left Surkhet for Mugu on 5th October.


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