A boy who marries this girl will get a reward of 3.5 crores?…boys need to be smart…,,/

" यी युवती संग विहे गर्ने केटाले साढे ३ करोड इनाम पाउने ?…केटा स्मार्ट हुन जरुरी..,,/ "

No parent gets excited as soon as their child gets married, it’s a parent’s dream. He will marry his daughters with a good-looking boy and give dowry in their marriage. In this way, today we are going to inform you about similar marriages and dowry. Which is a bit strange. A wealthy businessman in Thailand has made a strange announcement to get his daughter married.


Arnon Radthong, a wealthy businessman, has announced that he will give 240,000 pounds to anyone who marries his virgin daughter Karnsita.



But the businessman has set a condition that the boy who will marry his daughter should have three qualifications. The first condition is that the boy does not need to be smart, but he should be able to read and write. The second boy should be hardworking and diligent.


The third boy should be miserly and fond of fruits. 26-year-old Karnita has completed her graduation.


How are you feeling after reading this ?