Deusi Bhailo can be played till 1 am in Kathmandu metropolis

Kathmandu. Balen Sah, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has said that Deusi Bhailo can be played in the metropolis until 1 am.


He said this while writing through the social network Facebook. He said that security arrangements have been made for Deusi until night. He said, ‘Due to the covid and security reasons, in the past years,

Deusi Bhailo was allowed to play in Kathmandu only until 9 pm in the Tihar,’ Mayor Balen wrote on the social network Facebook on Friday,


‘This year, Kathmandu. Mahanagara Nagar police have arranged for patrolling till 1 am for security. At the same time, we request you to be polite and play Deusi Bhailo.


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