Price of the old note is 50 lakhs, check the correct contact number.

Times changed so fast that people started doing everything online! If you get a wife from online, you can get a job from online, it has not been long since you started studying online! eBay,


OLX and Quikr are famous websites for buying and selling in the Internet world! You can sell and buy anything on this website! For a few years, it was a practice to sell old notes abroad, but today it is just as fun in Nepal!


The value of notes minted in the old Rana regime is worth millions! Do you have old Nepali notes? Sell ​​it like this on the Internet! How long will it take someone to buy it? It is necessary to disclose the price! You can’t upload fake notes on eBay’s website, so if you make a mistake, don’t upload what you got! According to the rules of eBay,


fake items cannot be sold, so please only sell the truth! eBay is a medium, deals can also be done personally! The price of an Indian note is fixed on eBay. If you think that Nepali notes are not sold, then on eBay’s website You can go and see! Nepali notes from 5 dollars to 100 dollars have been uploaded there!


If you go to the said website and click on the auction button, you can see how many people have bid for your note!


If you have a lot of old notes, start selling them on the Internet, you can earn 10 times more money than the market value of the notes you have! Mostly,


they buy notes from different countries of the world, including China, India, and America. People, do you have old Nepalese rupees?


If so, create an ebay account and start selling! If not, share this post so that those who have can sell their money!


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