Sharda’s other application in the case against Resham Chaudhary!

Kathmandu – The hearing of the petition against the release of Resham Chowdhury will be held on the 16th of January. As seven judges are vacant in the Supreme Court, the hearing of the writ has been adjourned until the second week of December. Sharda Kadayat, the wife of Police Inspector Keshab Bohora, who lost her life in the Tikapur murder case, has filed another petition after the Supreme Administration fixed the pay for the second week of December.


The hearing of this writ, which has been given priority, along with this petition of Sarada, has to be done by the Supreme Court on January 16th as the first priority. “Due to the lack of judges, there was a possibility that the hearing of our case would be postponed until next April-May,” Sharda said, “However, due to priority, the hearing has been fixed for December 16.” On that day too, I have registered another petition in the Supreme Court demanding hearing on the first priority.


The government has not heard the writ for 5 months. On the recommendation of the government, President Ramchandra Paudel released the remainder of his imprisonment on the occasion of the Republic Day. Chaudhary was released on May 15.


Sharda Kadayat, the wife of Armed Police Inspector Keshav Bohora, who was killed in the Tikapur incident, filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the decision of the President.


In the writ registered on June 16, on June 23, a single bench of Judge Prakashman Singh Raut ordered the case to be given priority, asking for a reason to waive the rest of Chaudhary’s imprisonment.


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