The husband was found sleeping in the room with his wife Natho abroad (watch with video)

It is said that some people are born with the destiny of growing up eating from a golden spoon.


A girl has confirmed that statement by becoming a millionaire within two days of her birth.


She has become a millionaire in one fell swoop. All the wealth from the luxurious palace, house servants, expensive cars are in her name.


Within 48 hours of her birth, the girl’s grandfather gave all the wealth in her name. He has also set up a fund of more than 80 million rupees in the name of his granddaughter.


51-year-old Berry has established a luxurious palace worth about 15 million rupees and a fund of more than 80 million rupees. Berry had purchased the castle only the previous week. Now he will design the interior of the house for his granddaughter. Businessman Berry said on Instagram that he is also an artist.


According to a report, he is the owner of around 30 billion rupees. He comes into limelight every now and then because of giving gifts worth crores to his family members.


He spent £4 million on gifts last year. He also spends a lot on Christmas.


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