The price of gold in the Nepalese market is continuously decreasing! Today, the market price of gold dropped again! How much is the transaction for today? Get information

The price of gold decreased by Rs 4,300 per tola on Tuesday, Rs 800 per tola on Wednesday


, Rs 1,400 per tola on Thursday, Rs 800 per tola on Friday, Rs 800 per tola on Sunday and Rs 100 per tola on Monday. According to the Nepal Gold and Silver Traders Federation, today,


printed gold is trading at 100,700 rupees per tola and 100,700 rupees per tola of acid gold. On Sunday, Chapawal gold was traded at Rs 100,800 per tola and Tazabi gold was traded at Rs 100,750 per tola. Similarly, the price of silver also decreased on Monday.


Silver, which was traded at 1360 rupees per tola on Sunday, is being bought and sold at 1340 rupees per tola on Monday. This price has decreased by Rs 20 per tola compared to the previous day. Today, gold is traded at 1843 US dollars per ounce in the international market.


On Monday, the prices of gold and silver in the Nepali market also decreased. The price of gold, which has been falling since Tuesday, has continued on this day as well.


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