The woman ruined by Rabi is crying in the media, see Rabi has done so much, open the poll with evidence!

She said that she became a victim of Lamichhane’s television performance. Bhandari has mentioned that Lamichhane was haunted by politically biased presentation without basis and evidence.






“Seeing that you are confident after coming to the political arena less than 1 year ago, you must have realized how hard and prejudiced you have to face in political life,” Bhandari wrote on the social networking site Facebook.






It would have been even better if he had apologized for the injury caused by the misguided presentation.”When Lamichhane was the acting mayor of Bhandari Dharan sub-metropolitan city, Lamichhane gave a presentation on News 24 television saying ’63 lakh worth of meat and alcohol, see the loot of Communist Party leaders’.


“There was no evidence of spending on hotel bills, meat and alcohol, Annapurna Post wrote the news, Ravi Lamichhane carried it and shouted,” Bhandari said while talking to an acquaintance, “That news of Lamichhane went viral, the unconfirmed and baseless news hurt my integrity. She said that Ravi, who hurt her by not even using the basic principles of 5W1H, just hit her.






Bhandari mentioned that she became persecuted when the news without truth, facts, basis and evidence was published. Lamichhane, who lost all his posts after the order of the Supreme Court in the citizenship dispute, insulted the media in a press conference held on Sunday. Lamichhane’s speech, which warned of surrounding the media house, is being widely criticized.Kathmandu






— In the 23rd Congress of UML’s student organization Aneraswaviyu starting from Tuesday, 4 student leaders have claimed the presidency. In the convention inaugurated by UML president KP Sharma Oli by flying a drone, there are 6 candidates for general secretary and 20 candidates for secretary. Likewise, 15 candidates for 4 vice president positions.








The 1,588 representatives selected from the campus and geography committees across the country will elect a 199-member central committee. RC Lamichhane, Samik Badal, Lokesh Niraula and Moti Vick claim to be the president. Lamichhane is the senior vice-president and Niraula and Wik are the vice-presidents while Badal is the general secretary. The main competition is seen to be between Lamichhane and Badal.






Tapendra Shahi, Jenish Lama, Maryada Bishta, LB Singh, Dumbar Adhikari, Ram Sharan Chowdhury are claiming for the position of vice president. Similarly, Narayan Gharti, Naresh Rokaya, Sudarshan Sivakoti, Dharma Giri, Govind Giri and Bhaskar Khanal are claiming for the position of general secretary. 10 secretaries will be selected including 3 women, 1 inclusive and 6 open secretaries. The convention will form a 49-member standing committee. There is a 535-member organizing committee.






Since the new committee will have only 199 members, it seems that there will be an election to select the leadership,” said Rachna Khadka, co-ordinator of the People’s Organization Coordination System.






According to her, there is a policy to bring students who are studying as regularly as possible into the leadership. “We do not nominate anyone from the party and leaders,” she said, “There have been many people in Akhil since there is no convention for a long time, the convention will open the door to this jam.”






According to him, because the policy and legislation have already been passed by the legislative convention, the election process will start from 8 am on Wednesday for the leadership selection. The convention is scheduled to conclude by Thursday after electing a new leadership.


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