Very sad news during Tihar, 1 armed policeman died due to gunshots, 9 lakh patka was seized!

Very sad news during Tihar, 1 armed policeman died due to gunshots, 9 lakh patka was seized!

The fact has come out that a student from Dolakha, who had come to UK for studies, died due to the negligence of the staff. 22-year-old Sadiksha Tamang, a resident of Melung rural municipality-3, Dolakha district, died due to the negligence of the ambulance staff.


Sadiksha’s death was heard at the Milton Keynes Coroners Court in London for almost 7 hours. The senior coroner of the court, Tom Osburn, has told the conclusion of the investigation that Sadiksha would not have died if she had been taken to the hospital in time due to the negligence of the ambulance staff in the incident. The investigation report started on May 19 is 157 pages long. It is said that an employee who came in the ambulance after falling sick due to high fever on May 7, 2023 ignored the fact that she could not go near her daughter saying that she was pregnant. Another paramedic gave Sadiksha a health risk score of 6. However, the risk score was 7. Even with a score of 6 in the medical guidance, the blue light had to be brought to the hospital as soon as possible.


However, the paramedic gave him cetamol and discharged him to the hospital if he did not recover in 48 hours. There is no rule in the medical guidance that paramedics can discharge without a doctor’s permission.


Sadiksha’s health condition had become complicated when she was taken to the hospital on May 9 after citamol did not work. The kidneys had stopped working. Sadiksha died on May 10, the day after being admitted to Milton Keynes University Hospital.


NRNA UK president Prem Gahamgar, social worker Sumitra Subba Godfrey, Tamang Society UK president Gyan Tamang and his wife were present in the coroner’s court. Sadiksha’s father Krishna Kumar Thokar Tamang and all of Sadiksha’s family were connected through Zoom from Nepal.


Due to the death of Sadiksha, Gahamagar said that the rule that even if the health risk score is 5 has been implemented since last September 14, 2023, the rule must be taken to the hospital immediately.


Sadiksha had gone to study in UK on 26 December 2022 last year. After the coroner’s court concluded that Sadiksha’s death was caused by the negligence of ambulance staff, NRNA UK has begun discussions with barristers to seek compensation for Sadiksha’s family.


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