70,000 kg sugar warehouse sealed in Kuleshwar

The Department of Commerce has sealed the largest sugar warehouse in Kathmandu on the charge of black market.


The warehouse of Griheshwari Tradelink in Kuleshwar has been sealed with artificial storage and the label is unclear. Department Information Officer Anandraj Pokharel confirmed that the sugar warehouse was sealed and sent for quality testing.


The sugar godown of Griheshwari Tradelink has been sealed. About 70,000 kilos of sugar have been found stored, Pokharel said, “Now the sugar warehouse has been sealed and sent for quality testing. The firm of businessman Santosh Khaitan had filed a complaint with the department for selling cheap sugar


bought from industries in Kathmandu at a high price without a bill. According to the officials of the retail trade association,


after selling sugar at 127 rupees per kilo wholesale, Khaitan used to bill only 105 rupees.


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